Tropical Fish Misty glued to aquarium and extension bricks

Tropical Fish Misty glued to aquarium and extension bricks.

Yogi Why are you staring at the tropical fish? You have been there for ages, why?

Misty in Sapin I can’t help it they are hypnotizing me.  There are many types of fish in the tank and there are two aquariums to choose from.

Yogi what types of fish are there?

Misty in Sapin there are some Roaches and Tetra and Neon’s   and they swim around and around.

Yogi We have to start on the extension this morning are you ready?

We have to lay the bricks today the first part is the brick work for the footings

then we will have to leave it a few days for the cement to set hard.

misty and the tropical fish
misty and the tropical fish

Misty leave them alone…

Misty in SapinAlright I am coming.

Yogi Misty you are still there? I have had to do it all myself.

wall footing

Everything is measured now the bricks have to be left to settle and the cement to set.

misty and the guppies
misty and the guppies

Misty in Sapin I am sorry Yogi I could not help it. What needs to be done now?

Yogi Nothing for the next few days then we or should I say me will build the inside wall up and the thermal blocks. I am going to have a rest now and something to eat, I don’t think I will play with ball today. worth a look at….

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