Caravan sold

Caravan sold

Caravan sold

Misty in Sapin Well there goes our old bed yogi someone is pulling it down the road.

swift Caravan

Yogi They have sold it with out telling us what a cheek.

Misty in Sapin I suppose it was a bit old had it for over 7 years now. Loads of space down the bottom garden now.

Yogi Loads of room to play ball…

Misty in Sapin We are getting old now Yogi 10 years old that be 77 dog years. Still it allows for the room taken up by the new conservatory.

Yogi It is the euro-vision song contest tonight Misty we can not miss that. Wonder if UK are going to do any good.?

Misty in Sapin I thing Sweden may win if just for special affects…

Yogi Time for a nice walk and then a bit of play time with the ball if the human has not hid it.

Misty in Sapin They are just by the back door where they always are.


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