Rack of lamb recipe Yogi is cooking.

Rack of Lamb and Yogi gets cooking.

Yogi and Misty hunting in a field

Yogi I am going to cook my favourite recipe today and that’s Rack of Lamb.

Misty in Sapin What do you mean favourite rack of lamb recipe? You have never cooked before and this is your first time cooking a rack  lamb.

YogiI have cooked plenty of times before. Ok this is the first time I have cooked a rack of Lamb. Do you even know where this part of the lamb this comes from, I do here I have a lamb map for cuts, so that you all know where the rack comes from. Here is a picture of a lamb and all the different cuts and also a picture of a Rack of Lamb

A chart of all the different cuts from a lamb
A chart of all the different cuts from a lamb
rack of lamb recipe
Rack of lamb 2

Misty in Sapin Yawn Yawn, That is fascinating Yogi Do tell us more. I am going for a kip hopefully the meal will be cooked when I awake.

Yogi Ok Misty Have a nice kip be nice to get on with the cooking without you looking over my shoulder..

Misty in SapinWhat was that?

YogiI said I will concentrate on cooking and try not to wake you.   rack of lamb recipe. Right where was I are yes we are going to cook a Rack of Lamb which we bought from Tesco in West Durrington The new store has a butcher counter and they have a nice selection of fresh English and Scottish meat and if you ask the butcher they will prepare the meat the way you want it. So we asked to have two racks tied together like the picture above which gave us a joint around 650kg just over 1 pound in weight. Local meat is better than imports, especially with Lamb as New Zealand lamb is frozen before transporting and it never taste the same after being frozen, nice fresh English beef or Welsh or Scottish is what you need cost more but the taste is far better. Our joint cost about £14.00 and would feed around four.

I Used an idesit KD3E1WG electric cooker from Teso Direct.

indesit KD3E1WG electric cooker

Ok here are the ingredients for my recipe.

Sprouts fresh or frozen these really give the extra taste to the meal.


Frozen Roast Potatoes

frozen baked potato

Bisto A full Large spoon


Provinece herbs and spices with Rosemary.

province herbs and spices

Blossom Hill White Wine.

Blossom Hill White Wine


Mint for Lamb

Rack of Lamb. (Best end of Neck or Cutlets or Breakfast chop’s). There are 6-8 cutlets on a joint and we have two tied together Ask your counter Butcher at Tesco to tie two together they are very helpful and they are good at what they do also the meat they have is brill.

rack of lamb recipe

I went to lidl to purchase the rest of my ingredients including the baking dish

Lidl Baking tray

rack of lamb recipe

Cooking our Rack of Lamb 
It is easy. Set the oven to 180c (160c fan) sprinkle them with herbs I used province mixture of herbs about £1.50 Sprinkle all over the Rack of Lamb. Pop them in a dish, add a large glass of  white wine let it sit for a few hours   and then roast them for 90 minutes or so depending on weight the one I have weighed around 650kg about 1lb4oz. And you have gravy from the wine and the meat juices. The joint is two racks of lamb tied together so this will take longer. While cooking scoop the fluids in the baking dish and poor over the top of the Lamb.

You can plunge in a knife and separate them to check how well done they are. They are very user friendly and will happily be bunged back into the oven if they need a little more time.

rack of lamb recipe Served with tats Sprouts gravy rack of lamb recipe Cooked and ready

cutlet rack of lamb recipe Nearly all gone.

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