Cold in Spain in January long journey back

Yogi and Misty Jack Russells playing in the fieldA long journey back and cold in Spain in January.

Misty in SapinIt is no fun stuck in Spain without two pennies to rub together.

YogiWe are working with Euros Misty they will be Cent’s and not Pennies’. We are in Spain after all .

Misty in Sapin – Yes ok Yogi it is Euros and Cent’s but it is all the same when you have none. Can I continue ?

Yogi – Well I guess so, but you have to make sure the information is correct. It is important to give information that is correct.

Misty in Sapin – Thank you for reminding me, Yogi. Can I continue ? Without your input ?

Yogi – Yes – Yes, It is ok  just don’t  pull my tail again.

Misty in Sapin – Ok I will carry on with our blog then ?

Yogi – Yes Misty

Misty in Sapin – Ok then it is no fun living in Spain without two Pennies or Cent’s to rub- together,  By Jan 2009 we had nothing to rub together no Pennies or Cent’s. Fire Lighter’s would not have helped if we could afford them. It was very cold in Spain 2009. The buildings are not designed for winter living. The walls are very thin only one brick thick and the floors are mainly tiled without under floor heating,

Yogi– You are spot on. The properties are not made for cold weather, I remember it was very cold we had air condition but not the one where you had heat aswell. So the only heat we had was through the oil filled radiator. We did purchase a Calor heater but this did not work and we smelled gas and found that the pipe leading from the cylinder to the fire was corroded. In Spain the pipe has to be change  every year if you do not it will fracture in the pipe and will leak dangerous gasses. Just a word of warning if you buy second hand.

Misty in Sapin– Yes we had an oil filled radiator. But we had to plug this in before it warmed up.  The same as economy 7 electric storage heater’s. They cost loads to get going a cost loads the keep going but they do work, Just very expensive. We used the oil filled radiator in the bedroom and if we switched on about an hour before we went to bed it was nice and warm through the night and through to mid day the following day. I think that when you live in a warmer climate you become used too the heat or cold and I think that your blood changes and becomes used to the temperature. It means that in hot countries your blood is not as thick. I may be that you will get used to the heat.

Misty in Sapin -Talking about thick, Yogi reminds me of you.

Yogi – Not funny I am not thick I just think about things for awhile  before …

A long journey back and cold in Spain in January.

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