Torrevieja Spain recession kicks in.

Short tail by Yogi and Misty

Torrevieja Spain recession
Misty in Sapin– Well where to start so much has happened and nearly a whole year back in the UK.

Yogi– Best to start at the beginning it may take a few weeks to blog this lot out. We will add a category title the long trip back to West Sussex and beyond. And add bits as we go through the next few weeks and then we can bring the blog up to date.

Misty in Sapin – that’s a good idea, makes a change you having good ideas so we will start as soon as we have had some food it is nearly 5 and I want another walk as well.

Yogi– Ok but I will start of a little now so that we can add to it later, it gives a rough idea what has happened since we last wrote our blog.

Misty in Sapin – Ok I will start getting the humans ready to feed us and give us a walk.

Yogi – It was just after Christmas 2008 – 2009 things started to go weird. In the UK the recession had been in full swing for about 6 months maybe longer and house properties prices were falling. We did not notice this out in Spain but the exchange rate for the euro to pound fell to like for like. This meant that 1 euro was worth 1 pound, this was the worst thing that could happen for expats in Spain. Most folk in Spain had retired and were on pensions and relied on the exchange rate to give them a good standard of living. Most were losing a half of their income and that meant the feel good factor was going to disappear and the cost of living in Spain shot up as most food cost more and cigs went up double over night. Very quickly where we lived everything started to grind to a halt. Building work stopped as no one wanted to buy properties. The property market crashed and houses were only worth half the amount they were a year ago.

Businesses were closing and bars were empty. Loads of expats started to pack up and return to the UK. How does this affect us you may ask? Well the silly humans went and got themselves and ultimately us in a pickle. Not there fault I guess. What happened is the male human was doing all sorts of building work around where we lived which had been fine while every one had money but that was soon to run out. The last thing folk wanted to do is spend money on things being repaired around there homes when the exchange rate changed. Slowly work dried up and we had no money.

What came next was a very long journey which I would not wish on any one.

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