Earthquakes Torrevieja Seo Darkside


Earthquakes  Torrevieja and SEO darkside

Earthquakes Torrevieja and SEO darkside

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Practice safe surfing You know it makes sense.

Misty in Sapin. I have been checking out websites and how they do what I think is search engine fraud.

YogiIt seems that some website that I have noticed through a search have come up first. If you do a search in Spain for anything from car hire to a plumber it seems that only property sales or rental will be listed for the most of the first four pages. How is it done it seems that some things within a website are not how they are supposed to be. If you right click over a website you can see more about a website than you would normally see. and if you look at the header tags and keywords. header tags and key words are the things that come up when you search for something on Google or any other search engine.

I have noticed that all it not what it should be within the SEO and search engine ranks. Below I have an example of a website that advertises within West Sussex. I admit that there business is much the same as my own, But this is not the point the point is what is the correct way to promote your business online. Should you slip some dark meta tags into your white meta tags ? The answer is down to you. Does it work? It does seem to for the short time but for a long term campaign for SEO it would be better to stick to real content and not what you will see below. I have highlightrd the keywords that have no place in this website just to show how the darkside can use the keywords to gain the upper hand on the search engines.

<meta http-equiv=”keywords” content=”personal,buyer,service,personal buyer service,virus removal,spyware removal,selsey , chichester , computer , computers , computer repair ,  computer services, london, walthamstow, chingford, ilford, barking, computer services, free, naked, congestion charge, iraq, repairs, pcs, services, red bridge, leytonstone, callouts, custom, configuration, web design, internet, network, broadband, email, weather, hardware, news, build, value, technology, problems, here, wanted, the, to buy, uk, date, sex, pictures, blond, ladies, work, software, technical, office, consultants, antivirus solutions, data recovery, help, responses, home services, “>
<meta http-equiv=”robots” content=”all”>
<meta http-equiv=”title” content=”Hxxxxx Computer Services, Sussex and Hampshire in home or on site computer repair office network service and communications. Webdesign”>
<title>Hxxxxx Computer Services Xxxxx</title>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1?>

Quite interesting? Can you see the keywords out of place? I have not tried to use any of these within my own Meta Tags but these seem to work for this website it is ranked high even though this should not be possible with modern search engines. Good luck to them if it works then use it.

I would not use them because the internet is for free information without pushing anyone and this I think goes against the grain for folk just searching for information on the internet.

Misty in Sapin. Well done Yogi you are so right, I hate it when I do a google search for information and come up with search comparison websites or even worst porn sites or even worst in Spain if you search for a builder you have to go through pages of houses for sale or rent before you get to the information that you need.

. No matter all the major search engines are stopping this and are checking websites meta tags to make sure they are correct and are right. any that are found not to be will loose there rank and the ones that are ok will be ranked higher. I am tired now it is hard work doing this blog in this heat it is now 5:25 am and the temp is still 23c. Nice though.

. I think it is time for a bit of sleep although the temperature here in the day has been recorded at  47c, at night it is a lot cooler. Did you notice the earthquake yesterday morning around 1:30am? It seemed to rumble for a while, there was no damage though building regulation out here includes this in the foundations so if you have a property built properly then you should have no problems. Need to make sure that your insurance covers this and you have the builders certs for it though.

. Yes I felt it and heard it sounded like a load crash and then a rumble that only lasted seconds. I need my sleep going to go to sleep now.

 same here we will update some more over the next few days. Night Night at 5:30am …


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