Spain and mañana

Spain and mañana.

Yogi and Misty Jack Russells playing in the field

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Yogi We have been very busy doing very little for quite awhile now and are only just getting organized. Everything seems to take longer in Spain not because it is Spain but just because every day is so nice and you want to enjoy every minute and every second. But the downside to this is that time goes much quicker and what starts out as a day soon turns into a week and then a whole month. Always “Mañana” and enjoy today seems to be the correct way to live in Spain, Not because anyone is lazy in Spain, far from it, and heat out here can make a simple job tens times more effort but because this is the way to live, it is a shame that the whole world can not do the same especially UK..

Misty in SapinYogi and me have been having fun in the Sun and we love it. Been all over Torrevieja and Sam Miguel and resting in the Sun, Yogi has a black belly now and is always sunbathing I need to keep in the shade though as it gets to hot for me and I worry about the affects of Ageing due to too much sun and UV Rays..

Yogi. How do you mean ageing you are as old as you feel Misty. I love the sun and lying in it gives me a re- charge like re-charging batteries, I feel so much better after sunbathing and I love seeing the sunshine and the warmth.

Misty in Sapin Yogi it is so bad for you the sun Light can cause premature ageing so we are told. And I have my looks to worry about.

Yogi. Why? You spend far too much time worrying about all these thing and miss out on enjoying life. I like the Sun and the feel of it as it warms up.mind you today is is very warm 85f and you just seem to sweat. Night time it seems even warmer until about 3 in the morning when it is quite chilly.

Misty in Sapin. We have been down the road to the field and had some carobs. Those folk collected a load of them the other day, they were whacking the branches with sticks and putting them in a big bag. They had loads of them I suppose they will be making something with them. They should of asked us first it was our field.

Yogi. I know they had a cheek still there are plenty left for us. It is quite nice we go for a play and we can eat as many as we like. Is it going to be hot and cloudy today I see a lot of clouds about I hope it is not going to rain again. Have you noticed there are loads of people about must be that school in the UK are on the holidays and the Spanish are here too they start the big holiday soon they have the whole of August of. All banks and places like that close for a month. Not bad for workers but I suppose it is too hot to work anyway.

Misty in Sapin. I could not work in this heat it is bad enough just walking down to the field..


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