Torrevieja bank holiday

Torrevieja bank holiday

Yogi and Misty Jack Russells playing in the field

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Misty in Sapin. Yogi what are you doing ? Do you want to watch the weather? We have thunder and Lightning and rain and the view is great.

Yogi. I am just not happy with the bangs and today they have a festival in Torrevieja and all the shops are shut and everyone is out and now they have cannons firing. I am just going to stay away from the noise for now it makes me shake and I am scared.

Lightning in Torrevieja
Lightning in Torrevieja

Misty. Yes they have a Seafarer’s festivals of the Virgin of Carmen and the International Festival of Habaneras and Poliphonic singing.16 July – Virgen del Carmen (Patron Saint) Loads of signing and they have a final today for all the ones that get through. Nice if we could go. But we have to sit here and miss out.

Yogi. Misty can you put together a list of there festivals in Torrevieja Spain then I know when to keep inside and away from the bangs.

Misty in Sapin. I have already done that for you Yogi here it is.


Three Kings, TorreviejaThree Kings takes place from 01st January to 04th January with the festival of the Three Kings taking place on 05th January. The festival is set in the story of what we call the three wise men. On the 5th January this festival is brought to a close with a grand parade when traditionally in Spain this is when Spanish children get presents.Please note: Prior to Christmas Social Services and the Red Cross collect old/new toys, which are distributed to the less fortunate. So if you see a collection please give something, even a small £1 toy is appreciated


Lent CarnivalThe Lent Carnival starts six weeks before Easter, and Torrevieja has a big carnival, celebrating the start of Lent. Culminating in a large procession that travels through Torrevieja Town. As the Carnival preceeds Easter I have not put dates on this, as it changes every year.Las Fallas, ValenciaLas Fallas takes place on 12th March until 19th March. Las Fallas is one the most unique festivals in the whole of Spain. Originally starting as a feast day for St. Joseph (the patron saint of carpenters), has now become a five day celebration of fire.


Las Fallas literally means ‘the fires’ in Valencian. Over 350 vast structures are placed throughout the city. The structures can cost £40,000 and more each, and take over six month to build. These structures are known as ninots. The ninots stay in place, throughout the city, until the 19th March.Then the local young men cut holes in them and stuff them full of fireworks. Then the crowd start chanting, the street lights are put out, and at the stroke of midnight the ninots are set alight, worth seeing if you’re in the area. Semana SantaSemana Santa takes place one week before Easter. People dress in robes, representing Jesus, some people wear robes with hoods as a reminder of the suffering Jesus endured and his crucifixion.Holy Week Basically its a week, the week before Easter to be precise, and is a week of celebrations, festivals and parades. Most of the churchs in the area have services. Holy week is recognised throughout the religious world, and is a very significant week · FEBRUARY:
Carnival festivals and processions.
2-5 Moors and Christians battle for the castle in Bocariente,  firework displays at night
Hotel and Business Gastronomical Festival and Presentation of May Fair.
24 March – Lunes Santo
31 March – Local Saints Day
· APRIL: Easter processions.· MAY:
May fair. One of the most important Andalucian festivals on the Mediterranean.
San Juan bonfires.
Seafarer’s festivals of the Virgin of Carmen and the International Festival of Habaneras and Poliphonic singing.
16 July – Virgen del Carmen (Patron Saint)
Festivals of San Emigdio and de Barrios in honour of tourists.
Festival of Vendimia in La Mata.
El Pilar festival.
9 October – Dia de la Comunidad Valenciana
All Saints and Halloween.
Festival of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music.
8 December – The Immaculate Conception
Festival of the patron saint of Torrevieja and Christmas.
Yogi. thanks for that I now no when to stay in. I managed to get brave and take this picture of the storm here on the 16 July 2008. at 9:45pm Quite good really have to make sure the flash is off and timing is all. I am going back to bed night night.

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