Misty nails break and bleed everywhere.

Misty nails break and bleed everywhere.

Yogi and Misty Jack Russells playing in the field




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Misty in Sapin That’s the last time I go to the vets. I had an accident and tore a nail of and lost a lot of blood but I am ok now they have taken of my bandage and I don’t have to ware that silly collar anymore

Yogi How are you Misty? You were not very happy yesterday or today. We were running and the next I knew was you were bleeding everywhere. Your nail was completely around the wrong way that must of hurt loads.

Misty in Sapin It was really painful and I felt really sick. I had to go to the Vets to have it sorted. I was really upsetting and I did not want anybody touching it. I would not allow the humans too.


. I heard it took two shots to put you under. Then the Vet pulled the split nail of and then put some antiseptic cream on and then gave you the nice bandage. The collar

They put around your neck was to stop you chewing the bandage off you did look funny and you were all drowsy when you came out and kept walking into things.

Misty in Sapin That’s just typical of you Yogi you don’t care and you make jokes out of everything. anyway here are some pics taken and even though I am not well I will post them before the pain becomes to much for me. Oh and we have a few emails sent in. I think yogi has been playing about though he said he has not.

Here we have a Hooper bird. Have to find out more about them but they look nice.

Hooper bird
Hooper bird

Misty in Sapin  This one is me when I first came out of the Vets. Although I don’t remember because Yogi was taking the photos.

misty broken nail
misty broken nail

this one is Yogi keeping out of my way


The Vets we went to is



Ctra Orihuela KM 2
03193 San Miguel De Salinas, Spain

965 720 830?Coming out of the 332 from Torrevieja head down the turning for the c95 for San Miguel go through maybe five roundabouts and past sam Miguel and it will be on your left hand side . They also run a kennel their which is good and safe. We have used it in the past and athough basic, No underground heating like the UK, good and clean and coool. The vets are good aswell. the treatment for Misty nail came to just over €42 and there was no charge for the second visit to take the bandage off. Puts the UK to shame…

Misty in Sapin We are going to put the email received section here.  I am not sure I should add them but if folk want to send them in then I have promised to add them.

hello yogi,I’ve been searching for you since you run off to Spain leaving me with the pups. I’ve informed the FAMILY!!! and they are going to have a word!!!!!!!.Only joking luv yer, miss yerBoobo

Misty in Sapin I am not to sure what this is about Yogi any ideas?

Yogi Nothing to do with me Misty. Must be a strange email.

Subject: from your old friend Booboo

Hi Misty Give Yogi my love and tell him I forgive him.luv Booboo

Misty in SapinAny ideas Yogi??? Have you been playing away.

Yogi Nothing to do with me.

Subject: misty is a bucket head

Ere misty!!!you should try to find a bucket a bit better than that one mate. Here borrow mine.Hope you are better soon uncle Timmy

Misty in Sapin that is sooo not funny….

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