Spain wins 2008 Torrevieja starts the party.


Spain wins 2008 Torrevieja starts the party

Misty in SapinYogi it was a bit to loud for you tonight. Spain won the 2008 Europe cup in football and all of Torrevieja went mad with fireworks and sounding there car horns. This is the first time in 24 years that Spain has won it. The game was to beat Germany with a ball something that you like.

Yogi I have never liked fireworks ever since the day at Iris close when the next door aimed one of there rockets in the garden and it landed and went off only a foot away from me, And since that day I will always be frightened. I enjoyed the football match though Spain was the better side and deserved a few more goals than they got.

Misty in Sapin You misted most of the match when you hid in the cupboard and in the loo upstairs.

Yogi I could still hear it though. It is past 1am and people are still sounding there horns but there are no fireworks now. It is very hot here the tem thingy says it is 80f and it has been like this for about three weeks solid. I need to loose some hair to cool down.

Misty in Sapin It might help if you lost some weight as well.

Yogi I am not fat. I have not had much to eat over the last few days the dog food is bad here and taste bad.

Misty in Sapin I only eat pedigree because I am one I do not like the canned food what is it called friskies or something like that. Dog food is really expensive here from €0-70 cents a tin or packet. And worst of all it gives you the runs so it is better to have the dried food complete which taste nice. That’s all for today we will be adding a lot more soon just have to go through some of the pictures we have taken, Just an interesting thing we took some pictures of bridges on the way down through France and it just so happens that this bridge has the furthest fall to the bottom.

Yogi That’s right Misty it is famous through out the world. Like Concorde and the Channel Tunnel, the bridge is Franco-British.

French construction group Eiffage – that built the Eiffel Tower – financed the project in return for the right to collect receipts from a bridge toll for 75 years. The bridge is now a source of pride for Millau, which believes many more tourists will come to admire one of the engineering wonders of the 21st Century, our correspondent says. The construction also removes a bottleneck at the town, completing a new motorway link between Paris and the Mediterranean. The construction of the steel bridge – now weighing about 36,000 tonnes – began in December 2001, using innovative techniques. From the north and south sides of the valley, the metal sections of the structure were assembled, lifted slightly and then carefully slotted into place on each of the supporting pillars.

Misty in Sapin See Yogi you can be so clever at times and good a using Google.


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