Ants in Spain and beetles taste good, Yogi has a new ball.

Ants in Spain and beetles taste good, Yogi has a new ball

Misty in SapinWe have been out three times a day for walks since we have been here in Spain. The weather is always nice and in all the time we have been here so far which is 1 day over four weeks we have only seen about two hours of rain. Here waiting for rain is like waiting for the sun to shine in the UK. We walk down by the salt lake sometimes and most of the time we just go down to the field down the road, I say field but it is not green it is dusty and sandy through the heat. Yogi loves it there he goes down there fast but walks back very slow. Just loves to play ball. Today he has a new ball it is one of the Tesco rugby balls that the humans bought in the UK before we left.

He is completely worn out. There is supposed to be 23 snakes here but I keep looking for them but have only found beetles. They are fun though.

Did you see those Ants marching down the path, there were hundreds and they were all different sizes. They were carrying bits and pieces along the path I reckon if you stood to long in one place they would carry you off Misty.

Misty Here is some interesting information on Ants in Spain.

A super colony of ants was found in Spain. The length of the ant hill is 3.6 miles. Billions of ants live in this colony in millions of little holes that are all connected with each other. This is the biggest corporate unit that has ever been registered by scientists. Research has shown that the ants of the colony resemble each other genetically. This allows the colony to develop a lot faster than usual, which would not happen due to natural selection. It is well known that the ants of Argentina sometimes live in huge groups, but this tremendous colony in Spain is one of a kind. European scientists said that they had also found a smaller colony that which was also very large in Catalonia. When the ants of those two super colonies were put together, they were fought each other to death, whereas the ants from different holes of one and the same colony never showed any aggression against each other.

You are so clever Misty how do you know so much about everything?


Misty Of cause I am clever. That is why I am in charge.


It was fun with the new ball but the heat can get to me a bit. I have to stand in the shade on the way back to cool down a bit. How are you feeling after you ran into the salt lake Misty? You know when you went running towards the lake and did not stop. It did look funny you just went straight of the edge into the salty water and got soaked.


Misty I don’t want to talk about it I had a bad tummy and was up all night. And I had to have a shower.


You did not smell too good. Did you find out why we were on our own last night? They went out at 9pm and we were left for hours they did not come back until early this morning it was to late for the humans to be out.


Misty It is so not fair. We can not go out when we want to. We have some more pictures here.

some of the veiw’s from the balcony

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