Euro Star and into France and how barking at border controls is fun.

Euro Star and into France and how barking at border controls is fun

Misty in Sapin Wake up Yogi, Its so exiting we are going on holiday and this will be the last time we sleep in the caravan for a few weeks. We have to make sure we have packed our leads we would not want the humans to forget them.

Yogi I am still a bit tired I need more sleep and I need to have something to eat before we go.

Misty in Sapin That’s all you think about Yogi is food, sleep and balls, You really need to think “outside of the box” We have to make sure that all our paper work is in order before we go. We need Passports, two for the humans and two for us. Car insurance documents, Driving licenses, Car breakdown Insurance we have Green Flag, Travel Insurance, Receipt for the Euro Star ticket, it has a number on there we need to get our pass.

Yogi I am sure the humans have all the paper work they need if you notice Misty there is nothing left in the caravan or any where for that matter, everything is in the car so it would be impossible to leave anything anyway.

Misty in Sapin Looks like we are off. I am not sitting in that cage though they have not even put the water bowls in. I will moan non stop and be sitting on the front seat by the time we get to Paris.

Yogi Not enough room to swing a cat let all lone throw a ball. Talking of cats Twinkle is saying goodbye. Talking of balls where is mine? Bet they have forgotten it.

Misty in Sapin Don’t be so silly you just think of your balls all the time there are more important things in life. Like how are we supposed to go to the loo and how are we to eat? Well we are off now the route we are taking is towards the M23 at Cowfold, then M25 towards Dartford tunnel then on to the M26 then M20 all the way too Folkestone Eurotunnel. Should take about 2 hours the weather is bad raining and the wind is blowing. We will stop and put half a tank of derv in because that is enough to get over to France where the fuel is cheaper then we will fill the car up.

Yogi How do you know all this stuff Misty? It is like you are driving the car.

Misty in Sapin I am. Someone has to make sure every thing is done right.

Yogi Are we there yet? I need to have a pee. Is this the place for the train thing that goes under the Channel?

Misty in Sapin Yes it is and we are too early, we have to wait for another two hours. This is the booth we have to go through, what you do is put the info that we have from booking online into the terminal screen with the number and then it will print a pass code, ours is A because it is the first one of the date 29 03 2008 00:54 then we go into the waiting area and their we can have a walk or drink until the message comes up on the screens all over the parking area for us to cue to board the train.

Yogi Even I could do this it is easy.

Misty in Sapin It is designed for even fools like you to be able to do it. Now remember when we go by any booths or toll gates to bark like mad, we have to make sure no one comes near the car.

Yogi We are getting out to have a walk now it is very dark we are not out this late I am used to being asleep by now. I am so tired.

Misty in Sapin We have to go through the security gates now our Letter has been called up on the screens. This is fun they have UK security one end and French the other just before you get on the train. I thought they were supposed to check all the paper work but they have not even asked for it.

Misty in Sapin They do not seem to worry on the way out I thought they would have gone through all the boxes in the car but they have not even bothered. The train is big we have to go on the big one with all the big vans because our height is more than 1.7m we are 2.3 with the top box on the roof. I notice the Sat Nav Tom Tom has been plugged in. Looks like we are in Calais France now there is no border control here just straight onto the main road E15 towards Paris. Will take a while though the information I have says it will be about 22 hours and a total of 1230 miles from West Sussex to Torrevieja. I am tired now Going to try to keep awake I have to make sure they go the right way.

Yogi We have reached Paris around 5 am and daylight is here almost still not very bright though very windy and some rain. Paris is a complete nightmare to go through it is lucky we have a Sat Nav the downloaded internet Map does not show how complicated it is and if it was not for the Tom Tom I think we would be going around in circles. We are almost half way through France now and well on our journey. It is very green here and for the first time in days the sun is out and there are clear blue skies. I am having a sleep now I have been very tired all the way down here. We have stopped once and stretched our legs had a good bark at a French dog and had a wee.

Misty why don’t you have a sleep?

Misty in Sapin I have to keep awake to make sure they don’t get lost. I am the navigator.We should have some photos soon although they may be a load of crap because the one you takes good photos is driving so that means the other one and we have not seen any of hers yet mind you just found this one and we look like we are flying.

nice one.


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