How to pack your life into a car and start out to Europe

How to pack your life into a car and start out to Europe

Misty in Sapin We are just not able to put pics online at the moment. We will when we have Adsl up and running. Also we are behind a few weeks so just keep checking up on our blog we will catch up.

Car Ready for trip to Spain and how to not to travel in Style.

car parked in alpes
car parked in alpes

We have had a bit of a break as we have been getting ready for the trip to Spain. The car had to have a roof rack so we bought one from Criteon in Worthing. On this we put a Top Box. We had to get some warning triangles and some head light converters because the lights are for driving on the right hand side and by law you must have the lights deflected so that it does not shine in the oncoming traffic.

Yogi And the human managed to do that wrong, did you see them they were completely wrong it is no wonder we did not get a tug by the law.

Misty in Sapin That’s what you get getting a monkey to do a job, I have to say it was late though when they did it, We arrived at Folkestone around 10 pm and once you stick them on you can not take them of again. They should have got the proper clip on ones that Citroen offered them but they were too tight to pay out the £50 pounds opting to pay only £6 from the car shop.

Yogi I have made a list of what you need to travel in Europe that might be useful information.

Reflective Jackets. One for each passenger but dogs don’t need them, I thought we should have had them though.

Reflective triangles in case the car broke on the way. Should have two on for the front of the car and one for the rear. The humans only bought one though. In Germany and Spain you are required to have two.

Head Light beam converters. These are to divert the beam away from oncoming traffic as you will be on the other side of the road

First aid kit just in case you need it this is also the law in most Europe places.

A driver with at least one ounce of commence sense. Well we have that almost.

Some other things that you need to transport dogs or cats.

Cage metal or plastic, as long as there is enough room to turn around in it.

Water tray. You are supposed to have these attached inside the cage, we bought these but never attached them. The water would have slopped everywhere.

Ball. Ball is one of the major things that you will need in any country. It can be either a football or tennis ball just as long as you have one. You will require at least five in Spain but 7 in France just in case you loose one or two on the way. There is no requirement for the colour though although the brighter the color the better.

Misty in Sapin That’s a good list their Yogi you have done your home work but I think the ball is not required at all.

Yogi What are they doing? The humans are trying to fit all the boxes they filled up with junk over the years in a small car. I have not seen one ball in that lot.

Misty in Sapin They are packing things for our holiday in Spain. They have no idea about travelling light. Just look at all those shoes and clothes! Incredible. They are all getting stressed and snapping at each other and it is only 11am.

Yogi I keep telling you that we are going to live in Spain and it is not just a holiday you never take any notice of me.

Misty in Sapin Well they have not told me about that and I am the first to know. It is just a few weeks in the sun and then back to the UK, West Sussex. I should know.

Yogi Have it your way we will see. I still can not see any balls going in the car. And we have not had our walk yet. Hold on it looks like we are going for a sleep and it is only 1pm that’s very strange.

Misty in Sapin They are having a kip before we go I expect. That’s good I need to make sure I am not tired so I can make sure they are going the right way. They have a map they bought from a book shop of Europe and a Michelin map downloaded from the internet but they also have a Tom-Tom with an add on pack of Western Europe good idea that one is, it only cost around £70 but even with all these maps they will need my help guiding them like I do when we are on leads out walking.

Yogi I don’t think you are meant to guide them with leads, you are always pulling the wrong way you are like nuts when we are out, you pull this way and that you need to take it easy there is no hurry and the longer our walks take the better.

Misty in Sapin That’s ok for you; you have to be carried because you have worn yourself out half way down the road. Anyway it is time to have a sleep. Have you seen the amount of stuff in that car? its packed solid only just enough room for our cages and they are sitting on boxes as well.

Yogi Still can not see where my balls are.

Misty in Sapin Yogi they were cut off a long time ago.

Yogi How do you mean ?

Misty in Sapin Oh my God. You have no idea do you Yogi ??

Yogi What does “idea” mean ??

Misty in Sapin Never mind.


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