Misty why have we got loads of adverts on our Blog?

Misty why have we got loads of adverts on our Blog?

Yogi Misty can you tell me why we have adverts on this site? I dont understand the point. Sometimes it makes our blog look cluttered.

Misty in Sapin Yogi it is quite simple really we have google ad-sense and other types of adverts so that if our viewers find these us full they can click on them and fine tune there internet experience for more enjoyment. Just offering a public service free for all. It takes lots of effort to do this but I don’t mind it is worth it for our viewers to have a more interactive experience.

Yogi So we don’t get paid when our viewers click on these links then? that what i heard.

Misty in Sapin Well yes but it is only a very small amount and this goes towards the hosting cost of this website which costs loads. Any extra goes towards our food. This is not the point anyway we offer different things here that maybe of use and some of the product are really good value.

Yogi Oh that’s OK then just was not to sure about them. Seems to make sense only we spend hours plodding away at the blog. And if it is helpful then it is worth it. So what about this one then.

Misty in Sapin They provide Pet insurance which everyone should have vets are really expensive these day. The others are google ad-sense which point you to more info. There are two others one is Amazon Books and the other is about training dogs. this one is really good it is download only so you buy it and download it which is neat because the product is in USA.

Yogi I have looked at that one it is good but in dollars so it is cheaper than you think, They do a video download for six hours for training Dogs. I am tired know got to be up early so sleep time now.

Misty in Sapin Same here we will carry on with some more tomorrow. Yogi is going to add some more PC tips.

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