How to install Windows 98 if you really need to.

How to install Windows 98 if you really need to

Yogi Hi I have put this information together for fan’s of Windows 98 Operating System It goes through the installation for a new Hard drive. It is not that easy to do but follow this guide. One thing to do first is gather all the information that you can about the computer has all the drivers for Windows 98

Please note that Windows 98 is not supported by Microsoft and there will be limited updates now. Windows 2000 would be a better choice. XP even better.How to install Windows 98 on a new hard drive.First of all the PC has to have most of the things listed below486DX 66-MHz or faster processor (Pentium recommended)16 megabytes (MB) of memory (24 MB recommended) The more the better195 MB of free hard disk space (the required space may vary from 120 MB to 295 MB, depending on your computer’s configuration and the options you choose to install) this is ok for just loading Windows you need to have more room for loading other programs and including updates. Windows 98 is not supported now but there are some updates available. I would say that for an working and installation including software to go online and an office product you should allow at least 2.5gb of hard drive.CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. There are ways of installing Windows by copying the cab files to the Hard drive there are some tricks here to do this. This can be handy if you have an old Laptop that has no CDROM Drive.3.5-inch high-density floppy disk drive. Video adapter and monitor that support VGA or higher resolutionMicrosoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.InstallationWindows 98SE would be the best choice as there are some major updates already incorporated into the installation disk and will make for a smoother install.What you will need:1. Windows 98 CD
2. Computer with CD-ROM Access
Configuring your BIOS for the Install:To find out how to access the BIOS please refer to your motherboard manual or the manufacturer of your computer. (The system BIOS can usually be entered on boot, usually by pressing the F1, F2, F8, F10 or DEL key. You need to disable the Motherboard Anti Virus. Make sure you save the settings before exiting. Windows 98 during the installation process changes the settings in the bios to allow the operating system to talk to the Main board. Also you will need to make sure the motherboard has plug and play enabled, this will allow Windows 98 to install drivers that allow com ports and printer ports to work and detect hard ware when attached. This is quite important, You can go through a complete install but latter you will have problems installing printers and other hardware.
If you are unsure or don’t want to enter the BIOS then just test the computer by putting the CD-ROM in the drive and rebooting the computer. This is the recommended way to install Windows 98.
Starting The Setup:

  1. Insert the Windows CD and restart your PC.
  2. Once the Windows 98 Setup Menu comes up choose option #2 (Boot from CD-ROM)
  3. Then the Windows 98 Startup Menu will come up. Select Option #1. (Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM)
  4. Now your computer will install some drivers so please wait for a few moments.
  5. Now a blue setup screen will come up. Press Enter.
  6. Setup then wants to do some system tests. Just press Enter.
  7. Scandisk will now run, please wait.
  8. After ScanDisk completes, Windows will copy a few important files for setup.
  9. Now the graphical Windows 98 Setup Screen will come up.
  10. Click Continue and wait for the setup wizard to complete.
  11. Now it will ask you in which directory to install Windows too. The default directory is just fine so click Next.
  12. Setup will now prepare the directory, please wait.
  13. Setup will now check for installed components and disk space, please wait.
  14. Setup will now prompt you to choose the type of installation. Choose Typical if you have a desktop computer or Portable if it is a laptop.
  15. Windows will prompt you to install components, just choose Continue.
  16. If a network card is detected a network information screen will appear. Type in the required information and click Next
  17. Select your country settings, United States should be chosen by default.
  18. Now finally the main part of Setup is here. Setup will start copying files. This could take some time, please be patient.
  19. Once setup is done copying files, Windows will restart automatically.
  20. The Windows 98 Startup Menu will now appear. Select option #1 (Boot from Hard Disk)
  21. The Windows 98 booting screen will appear!
  22. Now Windows will prompt you for user information, enter it and click Continue.
  23. Now the License Agreement. Read it and if you agree click on “I accept the Agreement” and click Next. If you select “I don’t accept the Agreement” then setup will end.
  24. Now input your product key or certificate authenticity code. This is 16 digits and is located on the back of your CD case or on the Windows 98 Book. If you have an OEM computer then it could be on the side or back of your computer. Click Next to continue.
  25. Click Finish.
  26. Setup will now finalize the hardware and install settings.
  27. Setup will now install plug and play devices.
  28. Your computer will restart automatically.
  29. The Windows 98 Startup Menu will appear. Select option #1 (Boot from Hard Disk)
  30. Windows will start booting for the second time.
  31. Setup will continue installing hardware.
  32. Now setup will prompt you to enter in your time, date, and time zone. Once selected click on Apply and then OK.
  33. Windows will continue to setup Windows items.
  34. The computer will restart automatically once again.
  35. The Windows 98 Startup Menu will appear. Select option #1 (Boot from Hard Disk)
  36. Windows will boot for the third time.
  37. Windows will update system settings.
  38. Now finally you have reached the Windows Desktop!
  39. You also may need to install your hardware drivers. If everything is working properly then you shouldn’t worry about them
  40. You may need to find drivers for some parts of your PC.

Registry MechanicHope this helps someone out there. The next one I will do is show how to Install Windows XP 

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